Matias Sauter M1986
Puerto Viejo de Talamanca
Costa Rica

Puerto Viejo 2010

Having grown in a context where fashion photography has not yet been fully developed, I capture an alternative point of view, inspired in some of the aesthetics of Costa Rican daily lifestyle and the refinement required ­by the demanding fashion industry.

By integrating real elements of the traditional context into fashion and portrait photography I create ambiguous photographs that deal with the fantasy, the spectacle and the reality of the human condition.

I understand the photographic portrait as being the result of a complex relationship between the photographer’s vision and the way in which the portrayed subject reacts to the dynamics that represent the unique event of being photographed. That is why I enphasize the pose or its absense, as I believe It is an indespensable factor that could represent the idealized image that the subject creates for others, as well as it shows the image that he also wants to hide.”

Berlin, Deutschland +04917661861747