KIDS// 2009-present

Photography is a crucial factor on how we construct the memory about our childhood. Photo albums are built by our parents to represent that time as a happy and problem less stage of our lives. Our childhood photos distort and condition our memory and how we remember that specific stage, because “…photographs are: not so much an instrument of memory as an invention of it or a replacement.” (Susan Sontag)

With this essay I want to produce dissociation with the idealized image that many adults have about childhood. It aims to explore other aspects of child´s personality that normally isn´t shown in photographs, such as determination, sadness, formality, seriousness, anger, boredom. I explored what could be called “psychological portrait” of children, evidencing some aspects of early personality as well the external factors in immediate environment that condition it.

I did this project so as to reflect on the child's identity and to demonstrate the awareness that the infant has, from a young age, about their own image. Therefore, I told to each one of them that I was going to take their portrait, (I also prepared a whole set with an old 120mm Camera, Tripod and flash) so that they became confronted and aware of the seriousness and the significance of this event. Furthermore, the child was given the freedom of participating actively in creating his portrait, at the time of assuming a certain pose. The child was also free to suggest the space and objects surrounding him.